KnoteWorthy - Mooring Advisory Group


Check out KNOTEWORTHY from Mooring Advisory Group, Inc., I answer questions about where my concept developed from, how I use social media, and some tips for entrepreneurs.

Radio Entrepreneurs


Listen to Lamb & Lou's Founder discuss where her inspiration comes from, how she got started, and more with Radio Entrepreneurs

South Shore Living Magazine


Lamb & Lou Founder, Kaitlyn Litchfield, was name an Entrepreneur to watch in 2019 by South Shore Living Magazine!

Bridgewater Alum


Watch Lamb & Lou Founder and Bridgewater State alumna, Kaitlyn Litchfield '06, as she discusses her product and gives advice to students. 

Around Marshfield


Interview with Nicole Sands' column "Around Marshfield"

Cape & Plymouth Business Magazine


Catch up with 2016 40 Under 40 Winner Kaitlyn Litchfield. She is the Founder of Lamb & Lou and will be featured in the April edition of Cape & Plymouth Business Magazine. 

Commonwealth Innovation

We hear Kaitlyn Litchfield discuss how she solved the shopping cart problem all parents experience.

Hear from inventor and entrepreneur Kaitlyn Litchfield as she talks about a serious problem she found at a grocery store and how she created a product and company to solve that problem!

Exhale Lifestyle

Lamb & Lou child safety vest for shopping carts

Lamb & Lou is the Massachusetts-based company behind the Original Shopping Cart Vest, a product that helps parents keep their children safe and secure in shopping cart seats.